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Digital Rain Dance

while much of the country is still burning there isn't much that normal people can do, apart from donating to your local fire service, or volunteer to help out (don't be out-manned by Tony Abbott!)

VIC donate to the CFA

SA donate to the CFS

QLD donate to Fire and Rescue here

NSW donate to the RFS

TAS I can't find a dedicated page so please contact your local TFS branch

WA No dedicated page but many small groups take donations and I'm not going to fact check them all, contact your local Fire Service branch

NT Contact NTFRS

In the meantime, and it seems a bit hippytrippy I'll admit, I've joined in the #digitalraindance movement. #prayforrain The rational part of my brain acknowledges that VIC and SA both have long, dry summers and rain isn't forecast until March.... but hey, hoping, wishing and praying can't hurt.


S1 ep 08 Australia is on fire

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