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Updated: Oct 26, 2021

So things really boiled over at the end of 2020. the USA election was a fun ride, haha, but locally Australia was still in state border lockdowns and Gee's plans to move back to Qld were in limbo as the Premier of Qld was on a power trip and refusing to open the borders. The landlord decided to cancel the lease of their rental and they had to make the fast decision on where to go - all with xmas looming and the added bonus of changing schools for child #3. Bring on the grey hairs.... in other news, Gee has gone back to blonde, haha.

So with a hasty exit the Gee half of the podcast drove over with the family and animals and possessions to South Australia, with a plan to move up to Qld when the borders opened. Loose plans were made and they all fell apart (although we did have a lovely family xmas) and firmer plans were made and they also fell apart.

Adelaide Hills

Meanwhile Aurelia found herself on a bit of a treechange, falling in love with the people and charming sub-tropical slice of heaven that is northern NSW. Declaring herself a fruitarian and getting altogether way too hippy she had a calm, healing summer. We both agreed we enjoyed the quiet times and the podcast could wait a while.

hinterland of nthn NSW, Byron Bay
Northern NSW

And here we are, having spent 4 months apart, we are ready to get back to the mics and finish off S4, regardless of what's "normal", it's time to just get on with it! Thanks for sticking around.

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