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S4 Ep12 Let's Go Brandon

So in this episode we talk about the Let's Go Brandon sensation, and share a snippet of the #2 hip hip song by Loza Alexander, you can watch/listen to it here.

As it turns out, there's actually about 4 different Let's Go Brandon songs at the time I write this post.


I made a comment that this type of organic support couldn't be suppressed, haha, as usual I underestimate the evil of our tech overlords. Twitter, YouTube and Instagram have all tried to ban one artist, Bryson Gray, and if you're into rap (without swearing!) have a look at his work, it's quite amazing to see a rap artist singing about social justice. We've made LGB merch for our Red Bubble store, wonder if RB will try to ban this content. So far I haven't known them to be censorial. ☮

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