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NYC reptile sculpture

Updated: May 13, 2020

This came up during our TLDL Alex Jones S3 Ep2, Aurelia brought it up so I thought I'd google it. Yes, it's a real thing.

If you are a little bit more Awake than the average person you will shudder at this. Here is my description: A reptilian being in a suit snatching a small child to take underground. The child has a bag on its head with a dollar sign on it. OMFG.

Doing some online research the media is either blinkered or gagged when it comes to this stuff. One article called this sculpture "whimsical". what????? Another article focussed solely on the notion of an urban myth that alligators live in the sewers of NYC. Yes, it's well known that alligators love cold climates, right? ugh. Perhaps the explosive lizard people theory wasn't around in the 90s? oh wait, yes, yes it was. It was also 100% ignored and buried back then.

You can also read about the man who created this piece, Tom Otterness, who was in his early 40s when he produced this work, 20!!! years ago. Before being bestowed the honour of creating sculptures for NYC his previous work includes: "His independent punk films featured real-life aggression and violence, most notoriouslyDog Shot Film/Shot Dog Film, where he adopted a dog from an animal shelter, chained it to a stake, and filmed his hand shooting it dead."

Um, it sounds like he should be in jail. Instead he's now a renowned artist with a large catalogue of work. More seasoned players will probably spot things I don't see. Not surprisingly, the doggie snuff film isn't in his bio on his website.

"A lot of work is about class and money and crazy surrealist images that don't make any sense but it just sort of fits."

let's look at some more "surrealist stuff that doesn't make any sense"

Of course some people make comments about Trump putting kids in cages, even though that actually happened under Obama..... Why do good people politicise and deflect this evil? I'm assuming they just don't want to try to make sense of this madness.

Well it makes sense to some people. This stuff has been under our noses the whole time, and people are Waking Up.

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