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Politics isn't binary

Recently whilst having a mild chat (online) over some political issue I was accused of being a conservative voter, presumably because I was questioning the policy of a left-wing party. It occurs to me that many of us have been tricked into waving a flag for the red or the blue team: a binary choice. Therefore in this person's mind if I disagreed with them, I must be "for" the opposite team. However, what if I'm not on either team? That option seems to not occur to many and I try as often as I can now to suggest this: politics isn't binary (the lefties get this more due to their similar beliefs about gender).

If I had to choose I'd be in a purple dress, with a green sash.

I know it's a normal human habit to want to join a tribe, but I feel when it comes to politics it makes us too close-minded, too intolerant of new ideas and other people. It's getting unhealthy. What can we do? Well, like any diet where you need to eat things you don't really want... try to listen to a variety of opinions from both sides of the aisle. Get out of the bubble.

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