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Qld Road Trip

Late in 2019 we were talking about doing a road trip up to Brisbane. Gee is from Brissy and ventures back up a few times a year and Aurelia still has her house there, plus a box of Italian shoes so the girls thought that was enough reason to head off.

We bought a new Zoom Recorder for this trip, so we stopped for a hearty country style brekky and tested it out. The audio from our car chats is very raw and as yet we haven't released it into a podcast.

It's a very cool device though, with 4 sep channels to plug in mics, plus an extra one on the top! Amazon (affiliate) link below if you want to geek out. Easy to use and super portable, as you can see.

The first thing we encountered once we got out of the big city was the signs of bushfire along the highway, many parts of the countryside had been burned, and we were surprised to see how the fire had jumped the highway and burned the median strip too. No wonder the Pacific Highway had been closed on and off for a few weeks! We found this Animal Hotel (they had evacuated, all good) that had burned around the edges, just look at that sign! Yikes. Reassuringly, the bush had already started to regenerate and the recent rains have hopefully make a huge difference.

It was a fun to be back "home" although we both had forgotten how humid is it up north! 28º + Brisbane humidity just smashes you, it's amazing anyone gets any work done in the tropics. I know, once you live there you acclimatise. I remember. And we did get work done, we did 5 interviews on that trip so look out for the new content wherever you get your podcasts

Oh, and yes, we did find the box of Italian shoes, all very blingy European and 2 sizes too small for Gee. I'll stick to my birkenstocks for now...

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