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S3 02 TLDL Alex Jones

Link to the original episode on the Joe Rogan Experience.

Top Gear video about NASA cloud making. If you google this you'll find many articles "debunking" this too, not with much info, just laughing at "flat earthers" so therefore it's all false, my bad..... it's so embarrassing for them that journalism has been reduced to this. China has weather machines, they've been tinkering for a while now. 

Why is it that saying "there's no proof" equals "debunking"? Of course you won't find proof of nefarious schemes or plots. Of course these evil-doers try to keep their actions hidden from us. Doing a 5second search on Twitter and coming up empty of "facts" seems to be the definition of "investigative journalism" nowadays. (with apologies to the few, real journos who are left)

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