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The Salty Podcast, Season 1, Episode 2,

We had a very early morning interview with Sabine and she shamed us by looking so very glamorous so early in the morning. I was actually sick this week so I was feeling pretty bland, and was so grateful to the bubbly Aurelia for being "on" and Sabine too is the most happy, enthusiastic woman, it's hard not to smile around her.

“Don't compete with anyone else. Find your niche.”

As usual we had a wide ranging interview covering Sabine's history as a model, from slim size to plus size and now as the face of Optifast in Australia. She works as a model, presenter and speaker, as well as running her own studio in Sydney. This woman is amazing, an inspiration (will you be my life coach Sabine? xo) and we look forward to getting her in again for another chat.

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You can find Sabine on Instagram as well as Mullens St Studio and Miracle Shapers

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