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Shoes! and other things from the past

Aurelia's tales of Italian shoes were one of the inspirations for the trip up to Qld at the start of the year. We were both a bit high on having smashed out 12 eps in Season 1 and were keen to "take the show on the road".

We did indeed uncover a box of very glamourous shoes, sadly too small for Gee, and also, 20 years too late! Gee has been a mum and working photographer so her shoes have been mostly birkenstocks, or comfy sneakers for the past 15 years. (And a few pairs of gorgeous Hunter wellies during the farm years). It's funny how uncovering these "treasures" from your past can bring back a flood of memories, both good and bad. Depending on how you cope sometimes it's not wise to store up these items, it's like storing up bad memories and saving them for later. Maybe we regret some of things we didn't keep from our past, maybe we regret the things we do. As someone who has moved interstate 3 times I've reduced this type of clutter from my life completely, and learning to hold onto only a few sentimental items has been a big challenge. Sometimes the "spark joy" test isn't enough either, but it's a great place to start. Well this one got a bit philosophical, but as we head into a global crisis I think we'll all be analysing our lives more closes, just who and what is truly important to us.

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