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We were going to wait another week but suddenly Aurelia got all .... "aurelia" ha! over the date and insisted that 12/12 was the launch date (we'll talk about it on a future podcast) ...so introducing...

Welcome! You've found our little corner of the internet where we get to indulge in a little written communication, share some extra info and behind the scenes moments.

Launch Date 1212

We had hoped to record 10 #podcasts before launch but hey, here we are ready to go with almost 6. Apparently the stats say if you can make it past 9 published 'casts you'll be ok. Somehow I don't see us two running out of things to say, so we figured it was time to take the leap.

So on Thursday Dec 12, on #angelnumber 1212, we pressed the launch button and popped the champagne. It's a bit of a hazy afternoon here in Sydney but you can see the beautiful view I have from my office, our podcasting room is more of a cave.... I'm hoping to make some changes in the new year. But for now, we've got what we need, so cheers from us Aurelia (the pink mic of course) and Gee (always in grey or blue).

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