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TLDR: Too Long Didn't Listen

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

TLDR is a play on TLDR: too long didn't read. If you know that acronym you probably aren't going to read a lot here, so I'll keep it snappy! Basically I take one of the long podcasts you've heard about but don't have the time for, cherry pick the good moments and share them. The first one I chose is perhaps one of the most (in)famous: The Elon Musk interview on Joe Rogan, yes, the one with the joint. Anyone who knows Joe Rogan is not surprised by what happened, although if you watch the episode on YT you'll see he peer pressures Elon into trying it. Anyway, it's a shame that the takeaway from this extraordinary interview is this moment and not the many gems that were discussed. I often read quotes about Elon Musk from this interview, where the writer clearly didn't watch it, not even the short clips! TLDL: Elon Musk is S01 Ep 06

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