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We've changed the name! Oh, and Season 3!

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

So we were chatting after a podcast, as we do, and we made the decision to adjust the name of our podcast to better reflect our personalities. After all, we aren't both salty all the time! So we've rolled out this change for Season 3. Oh, and also we decided that each "season" for us is 12 episodes, as per Aurelia's penchant for magic numbers, so yes, we are now in S3. The beauty of making your own logo, website, imagery, etc, etc, is that you can change it all in a weekend if you want to. Well, it's not quite a 'just' scenario, there is a fair amount of work involved even in minor changes, especially when the "s" is from a different typeface, ssshhhh. It's not perfect, I can see a small problem but until someone else points it out .... For now we have opted to keep the logo very similar, mostly because we both are polar opposites when it comes to design styles and we can't agree on a new look we both like .... I reckon there could be a podcast about this: how to work in a partnership when you are both so very different. Coming soon, ha.

We recorded a bunch of intros to have "just in case" and got the title mixed up, we both said "sweet and salty", haha. Now I'm craving Chinese food.

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